Sudden Death

There are no words. I’d use them if I had them. Quiet and soothing, the morning air after a storm. Spiritual and wondrous, a sunset over...

My Hill in Amador

Do hard things The face in the mirror says to me. And into the cold I go. Down at first Cautious steps looking for ice And the mossy...

Jesse and the Jackass

They promise you this vast sea of potential mates and they hand you a pole and expect you to fish. Jesse hated it. The ones she wanted never

Adds to Bukowski’s Shoe

A rented, gas-powered chain saw. iTunes. A spring-loaded, adjustable shower curtain rod. Mealy apples. Billing clerks at online merchant


Boot heals snapping on a concrete sidewalk. Fearless on the train uptown. Undaunted by a cold winter in Harlem. Came here to the city of her

First Born

You couldn't be stopped, once fixed on a heading. A day came when you set out after dark, I'd turned back to the tent, to get you a