First Born

You couldn't be stopped, once fixed on a heading.

A day came when you set out after dark,

I'd turned back to the tent, to get you a flashlight.

But then you were gone, wanting to get out ahead of the weather.

Your mother and I waited outside

Wondering how far you'd go, if you would turn back.

Of course you didn't.

I was proud when I heard you'd made it over the hill and down

Where the trail meets the sea.

In time, you took the helm and navigated the rough water to the other side,

A place your grandfather knew. And finding a way up the cliffs, your journey began again. Somewhere on an icy slope, you met another and shared the vision with him.

Paired, you became strong; together now, you are invincible.

And so I sit at the window

Watching for the moon between the tree limbs and the low gray clouds

A tea cup and a blanket, Waiting for news of your next challenge

And the victories that are sure to come.