Why fact check websites mostly swing and miss

With the national preoccupation with ‘fake news’ has come a cottage industry of web-based services offering to arbitrate content as either fact or fiction.

While each is offered in good faith, a cursory review shows two major problems.

News Analysis: The President Has No Robe

Monday, February 6, was something of a nightmare for reporter Karn Dhingra.

He covers city hall and county government for a small daily in Victoria, Texas – which sits about equal distance from San Antonio, Houston and Corpus Christi. Things started out great.

Millenniums still want careers in journalism 


You did your part in raising a college-ready student. You ensured good schools and teachers; supervised years of homework sessions; braved entrance exams and the obligatory tour of potential campuses.

But now all seems lost. 

Second Round of Layoffs Stuns Wall Street Journal

(N.Y.) The Wall Street Journal, one of the very few newspapers in the world to have seemingly weathered the collapse of the print news industry, announced late last month, they would be laying off employees at international bureaus in Europe and Asia.

How Google defines ‘quality content’

We’ve all heard that content is king and that you need to write high-quality content, or now “10x content,” as coined by Rand Fishkin. Ask SEOs what “quality content” is and you’ll receive a lot of varied and opinionated answers. Quality is subjective, and each person views it differently.

Can a Column by Grammar Snob bring in readers?

June Casagrande is a writer and journalist who lives in Pasadena with her husband and four cats. But she also writes a weekly column about grammar that runs in a number of small papers in California, Texas and Florida.


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Non-profit news operations have their own pitfalls

(Nev.) The Nevada Independent, a new online news site established by former reporters of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, has a link from its front page where they list all of the people who have given money to the startup.​

“The Gray Lady” updates, revises inside news pages

By DAVID W. DUNLAP, New York Times​:

If Page 1 is the front door to The New York Times, Pages 2 and 3 are the entranceway.

In that spirit, The New-York Daily Times used the second page on the first day of its existence, Sept. 18, 1851, to welcome readers with a word about what they might expect.

Chinese media mistakes satire for news

A frantic President Trump, holding court in a bathrobe, ordered his aides to wrap the White House telephones in tinfoil, several Chinese publications reported this week, citing The New Yorker.

There was only one problem: The New Yorker article, by the comedian Andy Borowitz, was satire.

New software makes writing a novel a snap

From China News Service

Some authors on the Internet are using writing software to produce popular Web fiction and stories, Qianjiang Evening News reported, adding that a 1,000 Chinese-word depiction can be finished in 10 minutes by the programs.

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