By James Purtill, ABC Online

It means that, for the first time in Australia, you will have a pretty good idea whether the post in your Instagram feed has been paid for by a brand. The new code by the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) covers all social media platforms, and any kind of social media user.

Breaking the AANA code won't mean a huge penalty - the association is self-regulating and following the rules is voluntary.

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With the national preoccupation with ‘fake news’ has come a cottage industry of web-based services offering to arbitrate content as either fact or fiction.

While each is offered in good faith, a cursory review shows two major problems: One is that none are set up to respond in real time to reader questions. And secondly, almost all of them are staffed by the same mainstream news reporters and editors that many targets of fake news have already turned away from.

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You did your part in raising a college-ready student. You ensured good schools and teachers; supervised years of homework sessions; braved entrance exams and the obligatory tour of potential campuses.

But now all seems lost. Your child has just finished the freshmen year and given you news about choosing a major – journalism. Yikes! What can be done?

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